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The origins of the company
by the Founder and CEO Andriy Hrubyy
My experience in construction is over 13 years. This is not much, but enough for the expansion of my company. I know my job from A to Z. I can say that I am not only the owner of a construction company, but a person who knows the work in his field from the basics to expertise. I know and understand the rudimentary principles of construction work and how to do the work better and quicker. While keeping the quality and design of the craftsmanship.
For people who work with me it's not enough just to get paid. They need to be inspired. Trained and taught how to do things properly. Everyone is well aware of the importance of such an approach to work, when the customer comes to see the result and says: "let's go, and I'll pay you for the work, as I'm satisfied and pleased with everything!" This basic principle even applies to the start of any new job order at a construction site. Everything must be clean, clear and attractive. This is how our employees are trained.
I'm inspired by well-executed job orders. It's nice to get praise by a satisfied customer. It's important in keeping and respecting the wishes of the client. Seeing the end results, give us pride in a job well done that is a reward inself, which cannot be measured or compared by monetary value. Every time we strive to do our very best that people associate HRUBYCO with high standards in construction.
Andriy Hrubyy
Founder and Managing Director of HRUBYCO
Hrubyco - quality construction
We approach each project responsibly and sincerely. We are proud to create beautiful and quality results, as it was initially conceived by the customer.
We accept job orders of any scale. Thanks to our approach to work, we have been trusted to restore large buildings owned by the Czech government.
Respect for the client's wishes is paramount. Realising their idea is our mission and goal!


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